Prophecies of Jesus Activity

I have an idea to try with the boys this year.  It’s an activity for the time between the Resurrection on Easter Sunday and Pentecost on June 12.

There are about 48 days in between those significant events.  I’d like to read through some of the Prophecies of Jesus Christ as Messiah with them on those days.

I’d also like to try this Prophecies of Jesus Activity.

The idea is to cut out all the words and zeros from the page and hand them out to children over the 48 days between Resurrection and Pentecost.

All the zeros follow the last number 1, and when the activity is complete it will show that the odds of one person fulfilling all the prophecies of the Messiah is 1 in 10 to the power of 157.

I have two boys, and I’ll give them two pieces each day to paste on the wall, corkboard, etc.  Depending how many children you have, you’d have to divide it up differently or adapt the idea to suit your needs.

The point is to make them aware of how impossible it is to measure up to everything people believed the Messiah would be.  Yet Jesus did that, and measured up in every way, and truly showed the world He is the Son of God.

Do you have any ideas to share for the time between Resurrection and Pentecost?


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