Connecting With The Kids When You’re Out Of Town

Josh and I were away recently on a church missions trip.  I will share more about that soon!

This was my first missions trip and I found it SO HARD to leave the boys for a week, even though they were in very capable hands.

I needed to make sure there was a consistent connection with them every day while we were away, just in case phone lines went down.

I love to write notes to loved ones and tell them what I love about them. 

 This idea grew to leave notes for the boys for each day we were away, highlighting one thing I loved about them, or one thing that was awesome about them. 

I included a picture to go along with the note.

I taped a note to the back of each picture.

The notes and photos were slipped into pockets of a shoe organizer from the dollar store.

Eight notes for each boy.

I hope this keeps a strong connection going while we’re away and encourages them in our absence.

(The zeros are for a family activity we’re doing.)


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