Finally Finished My Dominican Mission Trip Booklet

I’ve been working on chronicling the missions trip in the best format to share it with my world.

Uploading all the photos I wanted to share into this blog was proving to be a bit too tedious for my time and effort limitations just now.

And I REALLY wanted to produce something that could be printed out if persons wanted to do that.  Also something that could be given to the members of our mission team, and those who supported the trip, friends, family, and with the lovely people who read this blog.

SO a pdf it is.  It’s 26 pages and includes a daily journal of the trip, random thoughts on the experience, prayer pages for the children that God seemed to put right in our path during our time there, and a section on What You Can Do…

I figured out how to compress all the photos, so the document is no longer too big to download, or print out, or share with others.

Feel free to do just that.

Join me on the journey, step into the pages of this small book, enjoy the read, and let me know what you think!

Click on this link or on the image below to access the booklet.  The Dominican awaits…


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