Seeing You Across The Street…

There was no traffic on the usually busy street

So he jogged across four lanes before the cars returned

To their hurried this way and that

He was thin – Too thin I thought

Food was not a regular luxury for him

His beard was dark and thick

His hair was long and framed his face

I could see his eyes clear across the street

He caught my gaze as he moved

My eyes were fixed on him

He wore red Crocs, a blue hoodie and jeans

He carried a bag that seemed almost empty

Flung over his shoulder nonchalantly

I perched on the bench on the concrete veranda

Outside the christian radio station

The christian bookstore was next door

They were hosting a sidewalk sale and free BBQ

And I sat enjoying a hot dog with my sons

Chatting with friends and meeting new people

When my eyes were drawn to his

I still have time I thought

As he started his jog across the street

I can still grab a hot dog and offer it to him

I’ll chat for one more minute

And then I’ll go

But I chatted too long

I reached the hot dog table as he was passing the station

I stood and stared at opportunity walking by

I caught his eye and he caught mine

A moment frozen – I smiled

I watched him continue his hurried stroll down the street

I know I couldn’t catch him now

Or I wouldn’t catch him now?

I saw You on the street today

In Your red Crocs and Your bushy beard

I’m sorry I didn’t give You something to eat

When You were most likely very hungry

My heart lives the moment over and over

Each time the ending has changed

I don’t linger too long

I meet you on the sidewalk

I hand you a hot dog and a bottle of water

You say Thank you

We share the same smile of the frozen moment

But this time it’s a Job well done my good and faithful servant smile

Instead of an I love you anyways smile

You continue down the street with food in hand

And I continue through my day with blessing in heart

And this story has a much different ending

These words tell a very different story

That will have to wait for another day

Another chance

Another moment

Frozen – with You


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