Forest Walks

I so enjoy our Team Sklar forest walks.  This spring I was able to embark on a couple of walks with just one son at a time, while the other was out playing soccer.  This time it was my turn with Elijah. 

We couldn’t leave for the adventure without a Nerf sword and a scooter – apparently two very important elements of forest walking!  So with Nerf sword tucked safely into back of sweater, and scooter coaxed out of shed, we were ready to go!

Down the street, around the corner and onto the path that leads to the forest.

The scooter has to stay behind for this part of the adventure, safely laid on the ground at the path’s entrance.  With Nerf sword now in hand, we venture off into the unknown forest regions.

We scale rock faces in search of allies.  Elijah calls out a friendly hello to welcome any fellow adventurers who may be sharing the forest path.

We stop and look at the many wonders of creation as we walk along the forest path.

We live very close to the train tracks and they run along the perimeter of the forest path.  Here comes one now! 

Too close!  We come upon a small cliff face that would have caused us some trouble had we taken a step further.  We gaze down at the meandering river below.  (Josiah was just climbing this cliff face the night before – he is a natural rock climber, that one.  Good thing we live in a town known for its rocks and minerals!)

A favourite pastime on these forest walks is rock-writing.  We find rocks that leave a white or orange deposit as we scrape them along the big rocks, and we write notes or draw pictures for one another. 

What a cutie, and what a grand adventure we had on our forest walk today.  Thank you Elijah!


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