I Love You

Elijah loves to draw.  He has been working through a set of How-To-Draw papers that show him how to draw his favourite cartoon or chapter-book characters. 

On this particular day he was drawing the universe.  He had been looking through a book at school about planets, and was trying to remember them all. 

Elijah also loves to encourage people, especially when they seem upset.  I’m not sure what I was upset about, but he wrote out “I Love You Mom” on his hand and showed it to me.  He kept showing it to me through the rest of the night and into the next day until the ink washed completely off. 

I wrote “I Love You Elijah” on my hand and I’d show it to him when he showed me his hand.

I love these sweet moments with him.  They are such precious gems for my treasure box of motherhood. 

Believe me, there are many moments (even days!) that I wish I could erase from all our memories, but I try to focus on the good, learn from the bad, leave everything in the past and live in the moments.


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