He Knows, He Always Knows…

It’s a busy time. Most days are jam-packed tight.

I ask Josh to take the boys to soccer so I can make my to-do lists and my to-get lists for the days that are coming.

He leaves with our sons, the house grows quiet except for the christian radio station, and my head clears. I concentrate hard because I know time is limited.

Then I hear it. The song I love so much these days. You know, the ones that just grab you and you don’t really know why, and sometimes you eventually figure it out, but sometimes you don’t?

I can’t resist – He calls to me – Spend time with me, Anna, just a few moments. I know there is much to do and I’m so glad you’re doing it, and you’re doing it well, but come and dance around the kitchen with me, sing with me, enjoy my music with me and live in these few moments with me. Then you can go back to the work I’ve given you to do.

I smile, I giggle, I drop my lists and I can’t get to the kitchen fast enough to turn up the radio.  My windows are all open, so I don’t sing quite as loud as usual, and no spins with arms open wide just now, but I sit on the kitchen floor, feel the sunlight pouring through the windows, and we sing together, me and God. 

Matt Maher – Hold Us Together

The song ends, I smile again, I thank God for the moments with Him, I go back to my chair to pick up my lists one more time.

Then I hear it again – the  call to come to Him.  He plays the other song that’s really speaking to me right now – one after the other He plays them, calls me to Him, and this time I laugh right out loud and I let the lists lie on the floor where I dropped them a few moments ago, and I run back to the kitchen.  I can almost see Him with arms wide open, wanting to circle the kitchen dance floor with me.  ME!  One more spin, Anna?  I enjoyed the last few moments with you so much, and I don’t want them to end, can I fill your dance card for one more song? 

I am mush in His hands.  The windows are still open, so I sit back down on the kitchen floor and I sing this one with Him, my soul soars in His presence.

Tenth Avenue North – You Are More

Sometimes I glimpse it – how big He is and how much He loves me.  It humbles me to no end.  It makes me drop everything and run into my kitchen to turn a volume dial on my radio.  It makes me melt down to my floor and sing with my whole heart.  It makes me know I am loved beyond belief – that He would play my favourite songs, back to back, just when I have a few moments of quiet.  He weaves time together, and makes it so that on July 6, 2011 a radio show picks two songs to play at a specific time.  Those two songs bless me so completely just when I need them.  Most of all it’s that He would do that for me.  The Creator of the Universe, playing songs on a radio for me. 

Do you glimpse it?  How much He loves you?  How big His love is for YOU?  What small, yet wonderfully big things has He done for you lately?  Did you notice them?  Did you share them with Him?  That’s why He does them… to share them with YOU. 

Humbles me right down to the core.


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