Looking Forward To The Summer

I really look forward to my summers with the boys.  I don’t dread them in the least.  I really love having my sons around.  Truly.  If anything, I worry I won’t be enough company for them or be able to keep up with them.  For the most part we have it worked out.  We visit a lot of parks and beaches and camps and we have a lot of fun along the way.

Inevitably there are rainy days or slow days when we don’t leave the house.  I know they will go a little stir-crazy on those days and try not to overreact when they find ways to get they boyish energy out inside.

Ball fights are always a “hit” in our house (and don’t forget Nerf wars!).  One day in particular I decided to sit back and enjoy the scene in front of me – their laughter, having healthy and energetic boys in the house, and their camaraderie with one another.  I decided to get the camera out and snap a few shots of the brotherly bonding occurring this day. 

What a treat these boys really are to me… God help me to always remember to see them that way… through Your eyes.



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