Growing Boys

I kneel beside his bed

He is 6 years old

Just turned 6 years old

I kiss his cheek

A few times

I can’t stop

Kissing these cherub cheeks

I know they will fade

He will grow

And I’ll see such a different face

When I kneel beside his bed

A young man’s face

Will one day lie here

And I will love him more

Than I do now

If that’s even possible

I ask God

“How do I  teach him

More about you?

What do you want me to do?

It’s not what I want you to do

But who I want you to be

Who do you want me to be?

I want you to be Jesus

To the little boy in this bed

How can I possibly do that?

Know Him more

Grow in Him more

Love Him more

That’s what I want you to do

Simply know

Simply grow

Simply love

What about my plans?

The devotions

The prayers

The service

The worship?

Yes, but do them because

You know Him

You love Him

You are growing in Him

Not because they are your plans

I kneel beside another bed

He is 9 years old

Almost 10 years old

He has seen me through

So many joys

So many failures

He grows so fast

I can hardly keep up

And I know what He needs

Most from me

Is a mother who is growing faster

In Him

Tomorrow is a new day

Of knowing

Of growing

Of loving

Lord, may it be the best day yet



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