Strolling Through Time

Josiah and I ventured off on a late-afternoon, rainy day walk one day while visiting with Grandma.  We were both in the mood for some fresh air and the sense of adventure was beckoning from out the windows…  so we went.  Mother and son.  Off to see what we could find.

We enjoyed the scenery, the stately old homes in the neighbourhood, the nostalgic feeling of walking through a place with many years and many memories in its midst.




Around one corner we found a tiny playground, very old-fashioned and welcoming to both mother and son.  There was a unique, circular climbing structure that   Josiah climbed in no time.

The swings were of a sort I’ve never seen before – just one bar across the top with a pole to sturdy it down the middle – like a giant “T”.  On one side hung a baby swing and on the other a child swing.  I loved the look of it so much. 

And the piece de resistance… a running fountain enclosed by a wrought-iron gazebo.  Beautiful.

As we stepped closer we noticed a plastic wand in the fountain – the sort you blow through from a bottle of bubble mix.  We couldn’t find said bottle of bubbles anywhere, but the proof its existence was the endless bubbles filling up the fountain.  Oh my.  We hoped that didn’t get too messy.  The fountain was actually warm and we wondered why such a fountain would contain heated water.

We gathered all the magic we could from the vintage park and the walk through an old neighbourhood, then we made our way back to family and food that were waiting inside.


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