Jesse Tree Stories 7 & 8

Seven:  Joseph – Scripture:  Genesis 37 & 39-45

Jacob got married when he was living in his uncle Laban’s home.  Jacob had 12 sons, and Joseph was his favourite.  Joseph was given a very special coat from his father, and this made all the other brothers angry.  Joseph had a dream that all his brothers bowed down to him and this made the brothers even more angry!  They made a plan to hurt Joseph but they sold him to be a slave instead.  Joseph was a slave to a leader in Egypt, and he went through many hard times, but God was always with Joseph.  God was always watching out for Joseph.  One day Joseph became second-in-command for everyone in Egypt and helped the whole land when there was not enough food for everyone.  Even his brothers came from far away to find food.  They didn’t recognize Joseph when they asked him for food.  They actually bowed down to him because he was an Egyptian ruler.  So Joseph’s dream came true after all.  He forgave his brothers and gave them lots of food.

Think About:  If we are angry at someone, should we hurt them?  Is God watching out for us even when life seems hard?  Do you think it was hard for Joseph to forgive?

Prayer:  Lord help us to forgive each other and remember you are always with us – no matter what.

Eight:  Jacob’s Blessing On Judah – Scripture:  Genesis 49:  8-12

Pharoah promised Joseph that he would give his brothers the best homes and land in Egypt if they would come and live there.  When the brothers told Jacob that Joseph was still alive he was so happy!  The whole family left their home in Canaan to go live with Joseph in Egypt.  God spoke to Jacob as he was travelling to Egypt and told him, “Don’t be afraid to got to Egypt because I am with you.  Your family will be a great nation there.”  When Joseph saw his father again he hugged him and cried tears of joy.  Pharoah was happy to meet Joseph’s family and give them the best land he could find for them. Jacob gave Pharoah a blessing.  Jacob (also called Israel now) blessed all his 12 sons before he died.  He gave a special blessing to Judah that someone in his family would one day be a leader over all the others.  Do you the blessing was about Jesus?  Jesus wouldn’t be born for hundreds of years yet, but maybe this is one of the first promises of  His coming to us.

Think About:  Was Jacob happy to see his son Joseph again?  Why was Pharoah so nice to Joseph’s father and all this brothers?  Do you think they lived happily ever after in Egypt?

Prayer:  Thank You for always taking care of us and for always bringing good things into our lives, even if there’s some bad things as well.

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