Jesse Tree Stories 9 & 10

If you’re not sure what this Jesse Tree thing is about, or where to get the first 8 stories, click here:

And here is the next couple of stories to read through with your family so we’re ready to recap for Advent….

Nine: The Burning Bush – Scripture:  Exodus 3:1-10

The Israelite families got bigger and bigger.  The new king of Egypt didn’t know about Joseph or how he helped Egypt during a very hard time.  He didn’t know that the Israelites were Joseph’s family and they were supposed to be friends with the Egyptians.  The new king just saw how many Israelites there were now and he was scared they would take over the country!  So he made the Israelites into slaves and he was very mean to them.  Once he even killed all the baby boys so their families wouldn’t get bigger!  One baby boy, Moses, was hidden by his mother so he wouldn’t get hurt.  She hid Moses in a basket in the river and Pharoah’s daughter found him.  The princess took care of Moses like he was he own son.  When he was grown up, Moses knew he was really an Israelite.  He got very mad one day when an Egyptian was hurting one of the Israelite slaves.  Moses killed the Egyptian and then Pharoah wanted to kill him!  Moses ran away from home and went to live in the desert.  He married a shepherd girl and he had children and he was happy.  One day God spoke to Moses from a bush that looked like it was burning.  He told Moses it was time to free the Israelite slaves and God wanted Moses to tell that to Pharoah. Moses was scared, but he went back to Egypt to free the Israelites.

Talk About:  Why was the new king of Egypt afraid of the Israelites?

Prayer:  Thank You God, that you are always there when we need You.  We just have to ask.


Ten:  The 10 Commandments – Scripture:  Exodus 20:1-17

Moses travelled back to Egypt with his family and told Pharoah to let the Israelite slaves go free.  Pharoah said no.  Moses used God’s power to do many magical things and show Pharoah how amazing God’s power is, but Pharoah still wouldn’t let the Israelites go free.  After Moses caused many bad things to happen to Pharoah and all the Egyptians, Pharoah finally said yes to let the Israelites go.  They weren’t slaves anymore, they were free!  They started travelling away from Egypt and all of a sudden Pharoah changed his mind his army chased after the Israelites to bring them back to slavery.  Moses used God’s power to make the Red Sea spread apart so the Israelites could walk through safely away from Pharoah. Then the water crashed back down on Pharoah and his army as they were chasing the Israelites.  A while later, God gave the Israelites the 10 Commandments.  This was a list of 10 sins (or bad choices) to stay away from.  The 10 Commandments said things like don’t make anything more important than God or use His name in a bad away, have a day of rest every week, listen to your parents, don’t kill, only love your husband or wife, don’t steal or life, and be happy with what you have.

Think About:  Do you have a list of rules to follow in your house?  Do the rules help everyone get along and love each other better?

Prayer:  Help us to follow the rules even when it’s hard, so we can love each other better.

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