Jesse Tree Stories 11 & 12

If you’re not sure what this Jesse Tree thing is about, or where to get the first few stories, click here:

And here is the next couple of stories to read through with your family so we’re ready to recap for Advent….

Eleven:  Rahab – Scripture:  Joshua 2, 6: 22-27

After Moses freed the Israelites from slavery, they set out to live in Canaan, the land God had promised them a long time ago.  Many other people lived in Canaan, so they had to fight lots of battles to get the land.  The first battle they fought was for a city called Jericho.  The leader of the Israelites was now a man named Joshua, because Moses had died.  There was a kind woman named Rahab, and she helped the Israelites defeat the city.  Joshua sent two spies into Jericho to see the best way to take it over.  Rahab hid the spies in her home so they wouldn’t be found or get hurt.  The Israelites promised to keep Rahab and her whole family safe when it was time to take over the city.  They told her to tie a red rope up in her window and they would come get her and keep her whole family safe.  They kept their promise and Rahab lived with the Israelites after Jericho was destroyed.

Think About:  Do you think God will help the Israelites get the land He promised to them?

Prayer:  Thank You, God, that You hear our prayers and keep Your promises.  Help us to be patient when we have to wait for Your promises to come true.

Twelve:  Gideon – Scripture:  Judges 6-8

The Israelites sometimes had a hard time following God and doing what He asked them to do, even after winning many battles and seeing many miracles from God.  Sometimes God would let them be slaves again for a little while so they would start to ask God for help again and follow Him again.  One time God chose a man named Gideon to free the Israelites from the Midianites.  Gideon was the smallest in his family and his family was from the weakest tribe, but God wanted to use Gideon in big and powerful ways.  Gideon asked for signs from God to show him he was hearing God correctly when He asked Gideon to do something.  Gideon put some wool on the ground and asked God to make it wet and keep the land around it dry – God did that.  Then Gideon asked God to keep the wool dry and make the land around it wet – God did that too.  Now Gideon knew He was really hearing God correctly when God asked him to free the Israelites from slavery.  God did amazing things through Gideon, like defeating a whole army with only 300 men.  After the Israelites were free they lived in peace for the rest of Gideon’s life, which was about 40 years.

Think About:  Gideon was the smallest in his family, but did God use Gideon to do mighty things?  Can God use you to do mighty things too?

Prayer:  Show me what You want me to do for You, God, and help me if I feel too scared to do it.

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