Sharing the Wealth


We received a letter from World Vision that asked us to sign a Christmas card for our sponsored child, Saowalak – in Thailand.

I asked the boys to sign their names, and Elijah went off to grab his wallet after he was done.   The boys get an allowance every week and we’re trying to teach them good money management skills – so far really good.

Elijah started counting money out of his wallet.  I asked him what he was doing, and he said he wanted to give Saowalak some money so she’s not so poor anymore.

I love it when it just flows freely from us, you know?  That desire to serve, to reach out – I think it’s growing in us – the certainty that we CAN make a difference.  With whatever we have, whatever we can share – with people as close as next door or around the globe. 

Such hope in this small act of Elijah’s – not so small in God’s eyes, and not so small in mine.


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