Scenes From The Soul – Crossing the Tracks

She rides home in the family van, with all three of her men – one is her soul mate, two are her young men in training.  Time is tight, swimming lessons start soon, young adults coming for dinner, assignment beckons completion for online university class.  All this after waking early to finish up banking, read some pages for school and work at part-time job.  She knows these are all good things, she is not bitter, just tired, wondering today how she can keep fitting it all in.

So she asks her soul mate to drop her off a few blocks from home.  A walk is definitely in order, an opportunity to clear her mind, giving the boys a better chance at getting to swimming on time.  It’s cold outside, but not too cold for a walk.

The van stops at the corner, she hops out, waves to her three men, watches them drive out of sight, turns her head toward home.  The sidewalk is clear, snow drifts piling up along the edges, there has been alot of the white stuff this winter, but it has been so much fun when there are minutes of play found in the days.

She knows the path well.  The path home.  Along the lake, covered in white, smooth, untouched, beautiful.  The sun is out and its rays are so welcome as they shine on her face.

Her thoughts drift toward prayer as they always seem to when she is out walking alone.  She meets with her Maker in these moments, always drawn to Him as she strolls in His nature.  He is so ready to meet with her in the quiet, in the sanctuary of fresh air and outdoor sights.  They talk about life, her thoughts becoming prayers.  As she pours our her thoughts, her prayers, in the few minutes she has before she reaches home, He is always ready with His peace.  So free in giving it, so generous, if only she’ll receive.

Her street corner comes quickly, the walk is almost over, the quiet will disappear once again in to-dos.  Her feet take her close to the train tracks she has to cross to get to her house.  As she begins to walk across the tracks today she senses something important – He is trying to tell her something.  Something wonderful, something for her heart alone, something encouraging, something sustaining, something full of peace and grace and truth.  She is trying to listen, to open her heart to Him.

She takes one step over the tracks, then another – there are two sets of tracks to cross.  As she steps she feels the sunlight on her, strong, bright, powerful, clear.

You are crossing over, child.  You are taking one more step, then another, and another.  As you walk, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, across the tracks, across the threshold of who you were, and into the realm of who you are becoming.  I am always making you more and more into my image, into the woman I created you to be, all for My glory, all for My kingdom. 

One day you will look back over the tracks, over the threshold, and you will see this crucial point, this hard time when it feels like a train could run you over any second and you’d be left flat.  I will get you across safely, you can trust Me, just keep your eyes focused on Me, feel My light on your face, keep taking one step at a time.  I WILL get you where I always intended for you to be.

Try not to see too far down the road, there are many twists and turns, bends in the road, many corners to turn.  Just like the corner you just turned, they will keep bringing you home – to Me.  Make sure you just… keep… going.  Enjoying the moments, living fully in them, sharing them with me.  I gave them to you.  I love you.

She steps across the tracks, both sets of tracks, face-first into the sunlight before her, turning the corner home.

The walk was a good one, they always are, when she meets with Him.

She steps into her home, into the home of His love, picks up the to-do list once again, and starts to cross off another, and another item – giving Him the glory in each one, trusting He is using ALL of them to mold her more into who she was always meant to be.


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