Fitting Dreams for Tomorrow Into the Drudgery of Today

Can I share something that’s really speaking to my heart just now?

It’s two clips on Destiny from Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus:


Part 2:

I’d like to watch this whole series and read the book.  He also made a short documentary that I watched yesterday:

I really get what he’s saying in the Destiny clips.  But then I realized, I have so many big dreams, and I can get lost in them sometimes, and lose my way with what’s closest to me.  I have to keep leaving the dreams with God, trusting He is getting me there, and living out the life He has me in TODAY with EXCELLENCE.  So much easier to lose myself in the dreams sometimes, because sometimes today is hard and tiring and boring.

I trust that every day, even the hard, tiring, boring days, He is moving me one day closer to my tomorrows and the amazing things I see in my mind.  I hope for those things, but I live in today.  I live in the moments of today.  And how can I use the moments of today in light of the tomorrow I hope for?

If I hope to be happily married in 50 years, how am I living that out today?  How can I encourage and love my husband today?  How can I forgive, communicate, connect with Josh today so that I can realize the dream of a life-long happy marriage for tomorrow?

If I hope for children, grandchildren who are following God and know Him in a most wonderful way, how am I making sure I know God that way, am following Him that way?  How am I encouraging my two young boys to know God, follow Him today?  God invites, never forces.  How do I invite my children into Him without forcing?

If I hope to reach out and help others around the world, how am I doing that TODAY?

If I hope to teach, equip and love the upcoming generation, how can I keep going with my university studies today?  What lectures to I have to listen to, what tests do I have to study for, what books do I have to read, what essays do I have to type, what research do I have to do, what courses do I pick next?  All this to get me to a tomorrow of teaching in whatever capacity God has for me.

These are hard questions, but ones that need answers – TODAY.

Even if I can’t see them quite clearly yet, the dreams are still  alive and well, and I must leave them with Him.  And focus on TODAY.

Destiny waits, calling, mission, purpose waits, dreams wait, but TODAY gets me one step closer on the journey towards TOMORROW.

So how will I use today?  What big/small/tiny ways can I invest tomorrow into today?


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