I wrote this article for the recent edition of the Link & Visitor  magazine – a publication by the Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec.

I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life.  – John 6:47

“You’re so beautiful.”

“I love you.”

“You are such a good mommy.”

“I’m so happy to be married to you.”

These are words from my husband’s mouth – he’s been saying them to me over and over these almost thirteen years we’ve been together.  My heart used to block them, believing these words couldn’t be true about me.  One day as my husband spoke wonderful words to me, as my heart began to choose to turn away from the good being offered, I heard Him ask.

Why do you turn away from My words?  I have put them in Joshua’s mouth so he will speak them to you, My bride, My love.  I cannot hold you with human arms or speak to you with a human voice, but I have given you someone who can.  Hear his words, for they are My words.  Open your ears to all My words.  I’ve given them to many of my people to speak into your life.  Believe them.  I know no lies.  Anna, these words are true, that is how I see you.  Live in that truth.

So I try, when my Joshua speaks wonderful words to me, when others speak words of encouragement and love, I try to really hear them and live in them and thank God for the gift of them.  Thank Him for the words from beyond.  Imagine a place where we only hear those kinds of words, an everlasting whisper in our ears of goodness and love and beauty… this is just a glimpse.

My older son has this laughter that bursts forth out of nowhere on occasion.  It can happen anywhere, but it usually happens at the dinner table, as we’re all gathered together and telling stories of our days.  The days when we’re all getting along and peace reigns among us and we’re not rushing off this way or that.  It starts with a giggle, on the surface of himself.  We all join in on the chuckle.  Then it spreads in Josiah, deep down into his being, until every cell must be full with it – this all-consuming laughter.  He usually ends up on the floor, rolling through the moment, unable to sit on his chair or contain the joy for one more second.  Pretty soon we’re all laughing and he’s given us a round of smiles. I think back to my childhood and remember laughing this way with my sister.  More gifts from beyond.  Imagine a place where there is no more sadness… this is just a glimpse.

My younger son has these big blue eyes that sparkle even when no light from this world shines on them.  I know the light that makes his eyes sparkle comes from another place, another world beyond this one.  There’s heaven-light in Elijah’s eyes, and once in a while I get completely lost in them.  That particular shade of blue must be made with a pinch of God’s love, a sprinkle of God’s grace and a dash of God’s mercy.  My dear friend has green eyes with the same sparkle – so beautiful.  Imagine a place where the colours of the rainbow pale in comparison… this is just a glimpse.

My memory runs through the scenes of my life, and pauses on the truly special moments.  Moments when all is right, when life feels utterly rich, when all I can feel is all that is good.  With family, friends, alone, at home, at the lake, in church – every scene is different.  Imagine a place where there is no lack, in anyone or in anything – we live in perfect harmony, all the time… this is just a glimpse.

These glimpses of mine keep me going on the hard days and fill me to overflowing on the good days.  They remind me of what is coming in the life eternal.  This is God’s promise to me, of a life with him, if I only believe… this is just a glimpse.  Imagine.

How to Catch Your Glimpses of the Life Eternal

Jot down your

  • Best childhood memory
  • Favourite colour
  • Most delicious recipe
  • Best friend’s name
  • Most treasured gift received
  • Favourite outdoor scene

Keep a list going of all the good in your life, times it by a million, and you still won’t be close!  But it’s good to imagine, isn’t it?


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