Prophecies of Jesus Activity Leading Up To Ascension Day 2012

Ascension Day 2012 is Thursday, May 17th.

I woke up early this morning, remembering this activity about the Prophecies of Jesus.  We tried it last year, and it worked pretty well, considering we were crazy-busy with mission trip planning and experiencing!

The activity goes a little something like this….

The odds of one person fulfilling all the Biblical prophecies of the Messiah is one in 10 to the power of 157!

We cut out a ton of prophecies from this chart (there is a print button on the top right side of the page that makes this easy to print and cut out the prophecies).

We placed the prophecies in a crystal bowl (la-dee-da!) and picked one every weekday (well, not quite every weekday last year!) to look up and read aloud together.

We taped a couple of zeros every day from this paper…

…to a poster on the wall.  I realized near the end of the activity that this page only has half the zeros required (!) so keep in mind that you need double this amount of zeros.

It was really interesting to watch the zeros pile up, and try to comprehend with the boys just how impossible it is for someone to live up to every single Biblical prophecy about the Messiah – that is, impossible unless that person IS the Messiah!

This year I’ll print out a page of zeros for each son – if we tape 3 per weekday, per son, to the wall, then 1 per day during May 13 – 17, that should do it (?) – we’ll see if my math is right as get closer to the end!

Enjoy your day!


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