How to Make a Daily Prayer Journal

I used to pray through a daily prayer journal when Josiah was young.

I filled the pages, then never made a new one.

I would still pray for specific things, I tried to be intentional, but I seem to really need that guide to keep me focused.

I’m not sure why I stopped journalling when there is so much to pray for.

Maybe I got overwhelmed, maybe I got discouraged, maybe I’m even leary of success.

Prayer is always successful.  Talking to God never comes back void.  Even when the answers don’t come, or the answers that do come are not the ones I hoped for, God cannot fail.  Leaving things with Him will never fail.

I’ve known for quite a while I need to make another prayer journal, and I seem to do things easier when I share the ideas with others.  I love to invite others in.

So join me in making a daily prayer journal if you will…

There is no pressure if a day/week/month is missed.  The point is to keep going… not get discouraged… just… keep… going.

How to make a daily prayer journal:

  1. Start with a focus for each day – like family, friends, sick persons, those who you really hope will give their lives to Christ, specific ministries you support with time or finances, your church, etc.
  2. Grab a journal – anything will do – scrap paper for environmentally-friendly folks, a smallish hardcover journal with lined pages, a softcover spiral bound book – anything!
  3. Label the days of the week at the tops of the pages, or use a pacakge of multi-coloured tabs for easy reference.
  4. Jot down a focus for that day.
  5. Fill in any ideas you have for the focus for the day.  You can always add on to it.
  6. Pray – set aside a time – like during your devotions, or put your journal in a place where you’ll see it and remember to pray.
  7. Record God’s answers to your prayers.  When one is answered, cross it off and add another!

My prayer journal will look a little something like this to get back in the habit:

Monday (the day I try to do our banking) – Finances – praise for provision, requests for things needed/wanted, guidance & wisdom to be good stewards of the money God gives us

Tuesday – Family – praise items in their lives, any requests

Wednesday – Friends – praise items in their lives, any request

Thursday – Boy’s school, ministries we support through prayer, time given or donation

Friday – Marriages of friends/family, or persons for which Josh performed the ceremony

Saturday – Not sure yet… I’ll have to ask God about this day…

Sunday – church with a small “c” and Church with a big “C”

Other than that, I try to pray for the boys and for Josh daily, and we try to pray with the boys and with each other daily.  Doesn’t always happen, but we try.

All these ideas I hope will encourage you, just as it encourages me to share the journey with you.

I love to share the journey.

Do you have any other ideas for daily prayer?


  1. “I’m not sure why I stopped journalling when there is so much to pray for.
    Maybe I got overwhelmed, maybe I got discouraged, maybe I’m even leary of success.”

    I came here this morning and found someone had already written down my thoughts. I have regretted not being more faithful in journaling and praying for those journal entries. In a day where time never seems to give of itself generously, it is usually the activity I cut out. But this: “Prayer is always successful. Talking to God never comes back void.” is such a wonderful reminder.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi Anna
    I had a Gratitude Journal for awhile. I have been Journaling for as long as I can remember. Thank you for this idea.
    God Bless


    • I find it always helps me to write things down – I’ll be getting my prayer journal ready over the next few days and hopefully have it ready to go next week! I love a gratitude journal as well – helps to keep the good in mind instead of the bad! It’s so easy to focus on the bad – definitely a weakness for me…



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