Amazing Grace – Quotes from the Movie

Have any of you seen the movie Amazing Grace?  I had to watch it a couple of weeks ago for a university course I’m taking.

The course was History and Film, and we had to watch about 9 movies in total, and discuss them, write an essay, complete quizzes, etc.

I also watched the movie Amistad for the course.  I learned much about slavery and the plight of the approximately 11 million Africans who were kidnapped and forced into horrible conditions.  Amistad  and Amazing Grace were fairly historically accurate, and I was able to learn so much, just from watching the films, though they were very hard to watch at times (especially Amistad).  But these are topics for another post, another day.

For now, I just wanted to share a couple of quotes with you from Amazing Grace.

  1. William Wilberforce’s servant says to him, “You found God, sir?”  He replies, “I think He found me.  Do you have any idea how inconvenient that is?  How idiotic it will sound?”
  2. Wilberforce’s good friend says to him, “Surely the principles of Christianity lead to action as well as meditation.”
  3. John Newton – who wrote the hymn Amazing Grace (a former slave ship owner) and was Wilberforce’s mentor, says to him:  “God sometimes does His work through gentle drizzle… not storms…. drip, drip, drip.”

These are a few of the lines that stood out for me – there’s lots of truth and insight packed into the words.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a good one!


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