A Lovely Poem by My Lovely Mum

My mother is new to blogging, and I love the things she is writing, and I’m proud of her for sharing her heart on the web…

This is a poem written by her… and I want to share it here today…

A Patchwork Quilt

I hurry through my busy day when I suddenly catch a glimpse of

Something beautiful and fleeting.

I pause for a moment and there it is.

I’d forgotten for a while

The golden dream and amber promises

Dancing side by side on the cool fabric.

Comforting earth tones and inviting yellows

Longing to be touched and admired.

So I draw closer and pause at the splendor of each

Carefully chosen design.

Orange patches intricately laced with

Ribbons of every shade imaginable.

Sumac reds springing from

Clusters of spruce blues and ever greens.

A tapestry of sugar mixes here and there to delight.

And herringbone stitches of deepest purples and browns

Connecting each of the patches securely in a

Magnificent masterpiece.

Gifted to us each year for a brief moment by

The Greatest Creator.


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