10 Things I Learned From Finishing University Later in Life

  1. Pay attention to the dreams that never seem to fade, one day it will be the right to time to live them out
  2. When it’s time to live out a dream, this doesn’t mean it will be easy in the least – living out dreams often requires lots of hard work, and I mean LOTS
  3. The hard work of dream-living can often last for months, years, decades even – and it is absolutely worth every second you gave
  4. When dreams take a long time to realize, focus is key, and confidence in the dream
  5. A strong support network really comes in handy when you lose your focus and confidence in living out a dream
  6. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams with those you love – dreams are an important part of who God made you to be, and running from them or hiding them from your loved ones means they miss out on knowing a wonderful part of you
  7. Maintain balance in your relationships and keep your priorities in check – living out dreams does not mean sacrificing everything else that’s important to you – it may mean some sacrifices, but it also means agreement, compromise, and patience
  8. Big celebrations with loved ones are required when a dream has been realized, and if the dream-living journey is a long process, small celebrations are absolutely required along the way
  9. Keep the end in sight and stay positive
  10. Success is sometimes harder to experience than failure – sometimes living the dream means letting go once it’s realized – but this also means grabbing hold of new dreams…

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