Small Things

Yesterday at church our pastor talked about the importance of being faithful in the small things of life and faith.  Often it’s not the big things that make the biggest difference or have the biggest effect, it’s the small things instead.

One of my favourite quotes from Mother Teresa says:

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.

I had that quote pinned up on my wall for years.

Every time I cleaned the living room, or washed dishes, or changed a diaper, or packed a lunch… I needed to remember these small things needed to be done with love.  I was living adventures right in my home, or my yard or my neighbourhood – I didn’t have to trek the jungles or climb the mountains to have adventures… not yet anyway!

With each blog post or magazine article or email to a friend, or family newsletter… I needed to remember these small things needed to be done with love. I was using my talents to encourage and reach others – I didn’t need book deals or speaking engagements or conferences to attend.

I still need the reminder in every area of life, especially now that big things are coming. Fast.

When God spoke to Elijah on the mountain in 1 Kings 19:11-13 it was through a gentle whisper, and not the great wind, earthquake or fire.

May I keep my heart tuned into your whispers, Lord, as I live in the earthquakes, fires and great winds of the coming days. May the echoes of Your still, small voice flow out into every area of my life.

As our family heads into another season of ministry, the colours of this season look a lot different from the previous few. There will be a church plant on a local university campus, mentoring interns, reaching further north, becoming landlords again, and publishing Caleb’s book.

All these big things could quickly overshadow the precious small things of our family’s life.

And so I look forward to busy mornings getting everyone out the door, after-school down time, dinners full of stories and adventures of the day, swimming and judo nights at the YMCA, reading lots of books, exploring something of the world on Saturdays, and lots of potluck dinners with friends.

These are some of the small things in my life. Some of the rhythms that make the music in my life. And my life sings when I find the joy in these small things, when I am faithful in them, when I do them with great love.


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