We Prayed for Joy… We Got Joy!

IMG_2908  IMG_2909

Driving to school that first day of the 2013-2014 academic year, we prayed for this new season of learning.

This is a regular in our family – praying in the car just before the boys are dropped off outside the school. We give God the day, we ask for fun and laughter for the kids, energy and patience for the teachers, love and encouragement all around.

Needless to say, some days go a lot better than others.

This time around, on that first day of school last Wednesday, Josh threw something new into the mix.

A unique request that I’ve never heard before in all our morning prayer times.

He asked for Joy.

He talked to God about the possibilities for us to find the joy in the year ahead.

We arrived at the school and unloaded boys and backpacks.

Josiah ran ahead in his usual style of anticipation and excitement (he’s a seize the day kind of guy), and we sauntered into the schoolyard with Elijah.

Josiah fends for himself as much as possible these days – he’s an independent, responsible, organized young man of 12 years of age. I love watching him go.

We found Elijah’s friends and chatted with the teachers who were locating their students, and we met Elijah’s teacher for this year.

Her name?


We found Joy.

On that first day, before classes even started, we found Joy.

Elijah loves this story, he wants me to tell it to the world.

How we asked for Joy, and God provided it right away as only He can.

I love to watch Him go too.

Have a fantastic school year boys – learn from the hard days, enjoy the good days to the fullest, and I’ll be there to watch as you both grow up a little more over the next 10 months.


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