Grocery Lists and Starting to Ask the Hard Questions…

I’m having the hardest time making a grocery list.


I think I’ve heard too many different stories about what to eat and what not to eat…

Then there’s the question of what do I have time for, what can I realistically take on in the kitchen…

And what about our tried and true favourite recipes?

I’m so confused. And I suspect I’m not the only one.

Every day it looms in the back of my mind… what’s for dinner?

And what about tomorrow?

And the next day?

And what about breakfasts, lunches, snacks?

I have growing boys and they need to be fed. Not to mention a hubby who gets a tad cranky when he’s hungry (I love you Josh!)

And I don’t think it’s supposed to be so stressful.

That’s the surface stuff… But…

Underneath the surface I think what I’m really struggling with is the crazy amount of choice we have in what we can eat.

I chalk it up to another aspect of Living in the Plenty.

I think of Oliver in Dominican, the choices he had were coconuts, bananas, cashews, and crabs – all for free and all accessible with a little time and effort. There was also a rice factory where his stepfather worked – maybe he was able to eat some rice too.

Are these few things enough for a boy to grow in a healthy way? They sound healthy, but then again, I’m not much of a nutritionist. I know the basics, and that’s about it.

And even with all the choice we are given here in North America, I am learning that our foods are really lacking vital nutrients because of all the processing and mass farming and chemicals in feed, etc. etc. etc.

Even if I knew everything, as of today, that is currently known about healthy eating, it seems like it would just change again tomorrow.

For all the choice that is ours, sometimes I long for the simplicity of just a few things, easily grown in my own backyard or bought from local food producers, to sustain and nourish my family.

I never much liked going to the grocery store. Or pretty much any store for that matter. Just too much stuff. Too much choice. Too much of what I don’t need, too much of people telling me what I need to be happy, too many signs, colours, lights, just… too… much.

I have become much more aware in the last couple of years, since that first mission trip to the Dominican, that Living in the Plenty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The plenty may just be snuffing out simplicity.

Two of my favourite reads from this summer (after I wrote that last exam one month ago today!):

Simplicity Parenting

Enough: Finding More By Living With Less

I’m definitely working out some things… how much is enough, what do I do with the rest, how do I reach out to those who don’t have enough, and how do I do it in a way that’s REALLY going to help them live out positive futures?

So many questions… bear with me as I write about them and start to process what’s been building in my heart for over two years now.

I think I’m ready to start asking the hard questions…

Maybe I’ll post more about it in the coming days?


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