I Want to Spend Less on the Grocery List

Yes, I’m still rambling on about the grocery list.

Just sharing some of the tried and trues I’ve learned over the last few years.

One thing that really helps me get through crossing items off my grocery list is if I KNOW I am getting a good deal.

For me, this involves scoping out the flyers every week, subscribing to a couple of coupon sites, knowing what prices are good prices, and knowing how much to stock up when the deals are good.

More on that here…

It has taken me years to get to the point where shopping has become a positive aspect of our budget.

If I work at it a little (a few hours a week), the money I can save our family of four in food and many other areas of the budget more than makes up for a part-time job for me outside the home.

This is important at this phase in our lives, when a part-time job outside the home just doesn’t work without creating chaos.

I don’t know what the future holds, but for now, this is my job – spending less instead of making more.

Good thing I love to spend less – so it works out well!

Yesterday I shared how I finally realized the grocery list I have is a good one. Good enough. It’s pretty healthy and it’s pretty affordable.

After the list is made, there’s a little more work to do…

Check the flyers, check the coupon sites, and match them up to the list.

Then off to the store.

Make sure to stick to the list.

Only look at the signs that scream a good deal, then weigh them out, do we need it, will we use it? No, move on. Yes, how many to stock up on? OK, keep moving.

It helps if Josh comes with me, eases the anxiety, he talks me down from deals we don’t need and I talk him out of anything that’s not a good deal.  We make a good team. He comes to work with me some days, and I go to work with him some days. Works.

Now, to only do a BIG shop once a month for staples, things that will freeze well, etc. and leave the weekly shops for produce, milk, anything I may have forgotten or a new recipe I just have to try.

That would be ideal. Working towards it. Getting there.

Less shopping = happier Anna.

And spending less on the grocery list means there is more to use in other ways. Like giving more away. Like having enough stocked up to invite people over. Like family memories, etc.

I think Living in the Plenty doesn’t have to mean we constantly feel stretched and wanting, I think it can mean life overflowing – in good ways – ways that the overflowing touches others and provides their lack.

That’s what I’m working out… but it is so good to know once and for all – I have plenty. I do not lack. I am not stretched. My material needs are well-cared-for.

I am moving on to the other ways that we Live in the Plenty. Spiritually, emotionally, relationally, with our time, with our learning potential, etc.

We… have… so… much.

All of them are gifts.

Gifts we have opened and maybe forgotten to say thank you. Maybe put them back in the bag and forgotten we ever received them.

Those are the gifts I’m taking back out of the wrappers and figuring out how to use them in my life…

More on that another day…

Thanks for sorting out the grocery list mess with me!

I’m a funny one sometimes… and often if I write about it, suddenly it makes sense.


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