A Different Kind of Friday Night

Wow… it’s so weird… so quiet… don’t know what to do on this Friday night…

For the past few years my Friday nights mostly consisted of making pizza and watching a movie with my three men.

We started out with those pizza kits when Josiah was just a toddler, then I thought I’d give the bread machine thing a whirl and homemade pizza dough made its way into our recipe box on a weekly basis.

I LOVE cooking from scratch (but don’t always have the time to get it done)!

We’d rent movies from Blockbuster – one to watch with the boys, and one for Josh and I after the boys went to bed. Now we don’t have Blockbuster, but we do have Netflix. And a local library that is always willing to share its cinematic delights with us for free.

Bedtime used to be 7pm for our sons… with naps in the afternoon as well! Those days are LONG gone.

The last couple of years watching a movie with the boys meant STARTING it at 7pm instead of finishing it up at that time.  This also meant  Josh and I had to stay up until the wee hours of the morning if we wanted to watch a movie of our own. Sometimes we did, sometimes we didn’t.  Depended on how exhausting the week had been or how much Pepsi we’d had with the pizza!

Now I sit here typing, processing, adjusting as quickly as I can to yet another chapter done.

Josiah is in Grade 7 this year and that means Friday nights are spent out at youth events.

A decade of Friday-pizza-and-movie-nights is a long time!

To be honest, I’m simply moving those nights over one day to Saturday… I just can’t give them up altogether.

But I see the beginnings of time without boys in the house.

Just the beginnings.

And it’s really… very… strange.

Way too quiet.

Even now I hear Elijah bouncing on the neighbour’s trampoline, and I am glad for the noise.

The dishwasher runs in the background, and I love the sound. It reminds me that my house is normally full of people to share life with me.

The laundry piles upstairs are a different matter – I seem to have a love/hate relationship with laundry – I love sorting/washing/drying it, but hate folding and putting away. Don’t know what the deal is there. Maybe I know that really I’ll just be washing them again in a couple of days… so why bother with the fuss of folding and neatly piling in closets? But I digress, that another post!

I wonder what future Friday nights will bring… I’m trying to roll with the changes as much as possible… some seem harder than others…

I look forward to watching my boys grow, sharing what they will with me, giving them roots and wings all at the same time.

Not always an easy thing to do.

But I do love to watch them soar.

Even on Friday nights.



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