Living More With Less Book Review – Part 1

“‘Love your neighbour as yourself’: Christ’s command, rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures, is no easy task. Many of us ask ourselves, ‘Who are my neighbours, and what does loving them look like?’ Love for our neighbours, in a globalized world marked by poverty and climate change, might look a lot like living more with less.”

– From the Mennonite Central Committee Preface of the book

I was pretty surprised (and happy!) to find out this book was published by the Mennonites. I just finished a university class on their history, beliefs and culture. I loved every moment of that class and gained the highest mark out of all my post-secondary classes(!). The practical ways they live out their faith and their willingness to step out of the norm really speak to me.

And the way the book keeps referring to loving our neighbours as ourselves really speaks to me as well. This verse was very instrumental in taking the first step in this journey that I find myself on.

The second preface (yes, there are two!) shares these interesting thoughts:

More With Less is about as close to a theology book as it is a home economics manual, and that it holds both joy and challenge for both women and men, no matter their roles… I sometimes feel depleted by all that I’m not doing, rather than energized by joy at the little that I am. But I’m learning grace toward myself and others, as well as learning to trust that the momentum of my small actions can carry me toward larger ones.”

So I am excited and anxious to dive into this book, because it speaks to me of all that I have been learning lately, it’s pulling so many things together, the puzzle should be a little more complete by the end of the book.

It’s also encouraging to me because even though I find myself on the other side of a university degree now, I am confident that the learning never stops.

Doesn’t matter if I am taking classes or not.

It seems that God has pointed me in a certain direction, and I was a little worried that the journey was ending.

Now I know it has only just begun. He will weave everything together in His wonderful ways.

And all that was learned just from the preface(s)!

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