We’ve Done It, Caleb…

The book is done.

10 years on the journey of healing after the stillbirth of our Caleb in May, 2003.

A decade of learning how to love him in the midst of missing him.

A decade of being a parent to a child who I will never see grow up.

A decade of learning to turn him loose so he can be all God intended.

Not what I intended.

Throughout this week I’ll be posting about different ways you can get your hands on the book – to share with others who are on a similar journey, to walk and talk a while together if you are on the journey yourself, or to simply read our story of discovering hope.

Thank you… thank you… thank you for the many years of encouragement and support you have given me (you all know who you are) – I could never have done this without you.


I hope to have a little book party in the new year so I can connect with those who wanted a copy and celebrate these past ten years. Maybe the 2nd week of January?

Stay tuned for more about the book tomorrow…




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