Why Can’t It Be Simple?

I wanted my word for this year to be something a little different than Change.

And definitely different than Crazy Change.

When I was mulling over what my word might be, praying about it, asking God to show me a glimpse of the year ahead, to give me a focus for my heart as I stepped into 2014… I threw out the word “Simple”.

Yes, I like that.

In 2013 we did alot of simplifying around our house, and started to work on simplifying our lives.

We are striving for more margin, for more time and energy to give to each other and the things we love in life.

We are asking God to grant us avenues to dive into our passions, to be able to give more of ourselves to what makes us tick, to dig into the God stuff instead of the good stuff.

Simple would be a great word for that, don’t you think?

When I think of simple I breathe a little easier and the anxiety fades and I smile to myself.

But my word for this year is Change.

Not simple.

Is it?

I have to get through the changes, the crazy changes, to get to the simple.

Maybe simple will be my word for 2015.

Maybe God has given me words for the next 2 years, because to get through a year of crazy change requires a focus beyond the change.

If all I could see in this year was crazy change, well that might just drive me a little crazy.

Why the change? Why the crazy change?

To get to the simple life I dream about, hope for, long for, strive for.

And where does the crazy change begin?

With me.

That’s the hardest part of this whole thing as I set out on this year.

When my world seems to be spinning too fast, I usually set about changing something in the environment around me.

I start a new habit, or clean up the house, or instill some new discipline for my children.

But as they grow older, I realize more and more that I cannot manage their worlds, or their schools, or their friends, etc.

I can only manage me.

When my husband has a hard day or when life crowds in so tight around us – all I can do is change me.

And what is the best way to do that? How do I navigate this season of crazy change – starting with me?

I draw closer to God. I ask Him for more. I trust Him more. I lean on Him like never before.

Crazy change has to come from Him.

My kind of changes are fleeting, depending on my mood for the day, how tired I may or may not be, etc.

His kind of changes move mountains and part seas and defy death and save an entire world.

Now that’s crazy change.

Do that in me, Lord.


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