Ash Wednesday


We write something on a piece of paper on the morning of Ash Wednesday.

Something specific we want to work on during Lent, something we want God to work on in our lives.


I’ve written down things like FEAR and WORRY in the past.

Though I still struggle with these in my life, they are loosening their grip on me as I grab on tight to God’s hand in the struggles.

I know my word for this year, but I’ll keep it a secret for now…

Then we burn the paper…



and make a cross with the ashes…


and watch the “something” turn to dust in light of the cross.



In previous years we’ve drawn crosses on our foreheads, but this year we painted with ashes, and Josh made a beautiful picture out of what was once our secret “something”s.

God knows us, He knows our struggles, He made us from ashes and one day we will return to ashes.

He came to us, to take our “something”s and turn them to dust with His grace.

And at Lent we especially remember this.


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