A Secret For Finding Joy

different kind of wild

Been working my way through some of the books in the pile on my nightstand…

This one was a good read… I really loved this paragraph on page 53…

Sometimes life seems like a lot of promises that never get fulfilled or a bunch of dreams that we never really get to live. “If only I could be…” (fill in your desire of the day or hour). This longing to “arrive” plagues us, drives us, and keeps us from enjoying the moments that make up a day – and the days that make up a life. We miss out on the beauty of life in the moments when we are chronically trying to fix ourselves.

Debbie’s words flow so well with the theme of this blog, Living in the Moments.

It’s no small thing to name a blog that you’re creating.

When I started out in the blogging world a few years ago, I was publishing a monthly newsletter for women – Mom’s Moments – and that’s where the name for this blog came from. I needed to be about living in the moments of my own life as I was encouraging mothers to do the same.

Living in the Moments – these words have grown in my heart and become a vision for my days.

You see, I am a recovering perfectionist.

And if I am constantly focused on what I am NOT, or what my life is NOT, there is no hope for living in the moments, for being fully present in the every-days, for enjoying this abundant life that God has blessed me with.

Some days it is a struggle to see the good – not because it isn’t there, but because my heart and my mind are focused on what I think is wrong with the world.

There is plenty wrong if you look for it.

And there is plenty right if you look for that instead.

Perfectionism leads me to what is wrong, truly living in the moments leads me to what is right.

Finding the good, enjoying what is right in front of me – this has been the secret to such joy in my life.

There is freedom in each moment.

If you choose it.

Freedom to fully live and fully love and to be filled up.

My moments are a gift.

I want to live in them – always.


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