Happy Father’s Day to the Father of My Children

Football Boys Wrestle Josh

I’m posting this one for you today, Joshua, because I have a special one coming for my Daddy tomorrow…

I know your heart, Josh, your father’s heart…

You long to be a good father to our boys…

You’ve been discovering what exactly this means over the last 13 years…

Skimming through these articles shows me a few things about being a good father…

What the Bible Says About Being a Father

Be a Good Father

The Awesome Dad Cheat Sheet

Or this one might be speaking more of your language…

5 Lessons Rugby Taught Me About Fatherhood

But I don’t need to read any more articles to know what I’ve always known…

Ever since before Josiah entered the world…

You would be a really good father.

I was not wrong, Joshua.

You care for us with all you’ve got, you put us first whenever possible, you work less so you are present more, you try so hard to do the right thing, you provide more than enough for all our needs (and many of our wants as well), you dare to dream big dreams, you cheer us on and build us up and give us roots and give us wings.

You are outrageously spontaneous and wild and crazy and free.

You are fun and fun-loving.

You love to make us laugh.

You hold us when we hurt – if we let you.

You value tradition.

You love to try new things.

You fix things that are broken.

You protect us.

You give us freedom to discover who we are.

You love to rap and dance and play guitar.

You invite all kinds of amazing people into our home.

You open the world to us, and show us there’s no place like home.

You sit in silence when we need it, and you chat with us about life when we need that.

You listen.

You learn.

Always more learning when you’re a father….

Thanks for putting in the time, the effort, the creativity, the prayer, and the love needed to be the father you are today.

We will love you more tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

Just as we know you will do the same for us.

Happy Father’s Day Joshua.

Hope you like your presents tomorrow!


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