Weekly Breakfast Menu For Our Family

After reading through a couple of good books about the basics of healthy living, and realizing I’m usually doing a pretty good job, I adapted our current weekly breakfast menu (I’m a big fan of menu planning – this saves so much stress for our family at mealtimes!) and away we go…

(Just posting this because it helps me process things – these ideas may not work for your family due to dietary needs or food allergies)

MondayBanana Split Muffins with whole grain flour (and 1 tbsp flax seed added), mixed berry smoothie (just frozen berries of your choice and water), green tea

Tuesday Whole grain bagel, light cream cheese, eggs, banana/orange, OJ or milk, green tea (yogurt could replace milk and have water instead)

Wednesday – Toaster Strudel/Pop Tarts for boys (once a week is OK – it even said so in the book!) & Josh and I enjoy a weekly breakfast with a friend (still need to work on a healthy option for that), fresh berries, OJ or milk

Thursday – PB & Banana/Jam on whole grain toast, mixed berry smoothie

Friday – Eggs, breakfast muesli bun from Costco, banana/orange, OJ or milk, green tea

Saturday – Pancakes (we’ll be looking for a healthier version than our current recipe – Josh is the pancake king BTW) with some berries added in, bacon (OK once a week), fruit sauce, OJ or milk, green tea

Sunday – Waffles (looking for a healthier version) with some berries added in, sausages (OK once a week), fruit sauce, OJ or milk, green tea

And there you have it, the basics of  a weekly breakfast menu that my kids won’t balk at, and that gives us a good start to the day.

The trick is not to overeat – like just 2 slices of bacon at a time or 2 sausages, 1 muffin, 1 egg, 2 slices of toast, etc.

What do your morning meals look like?


  1. I am aweful at breakfast! The family usually just gets toast and a piece of fruit. Johnson hates it but I lack ideas that are convenient in the morning!

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    • In the books I was reading, they talked about how some people eat the same thing for breakfast every day of their life – for decades! For some reason, I just love making breakfast… I actually dream about having a bed and breakfast-type setting one day…. I also love making beds!


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