A Very Special Email…

Sometimes I sell these Lunchbox Jokes  that I made a few years back.

I have a little Etsy Shop that I don’t normally mention much – there’s not a whole lot in there right now – just 3 things at the moment.

It will often be weeks or months in between sales from my shop, but then I receive a notification that someone has purchased one of the creations


Last week I got such a notification.

This one was a little different, though.

This one came with such an enormous blessing attached.

Can I share the comment I received from the purchaser?

I am a volunteer with an organization called Blue Skies that provides families with children who have cancer a week of vacation at the beach. My plan was to use these cards at night as little surprises when I turn their covers down for them while they are out at the pool. I know how much children love jokes so I thought it would be fun. Thanks so much…

Mmmhmmm…. a very special email… blesses me to no end.


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