I Have To Admit…


When I write, I hear my voice. When I speak, I have no idea who’s talking! 

What is your native language?

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch…?

Mine is the written word. Not the spoken word. The written word.

This has always been my go-to when I have something to communicate to the world.

I have used the written word to share my journey through life, and all the paths I have travelled so far. The moments of life, faith, marriage, and motherhood have been sprawled out on the worldwide web for years now. Some words have made their way into newsletters, magazines, and books – both my own creations and those of others.

The written word is my comfort zone, my cozy space, my home sweet home.

It’s not easy to step out of comfort zones, is it? Not in any area of life.

But there is something stirring, something coming alive that has lay dormant for probably far too long.

It was present in my life when I was younger, much younger than I am now. Decades younger, in fact.

There was a time when the words would get written down, then promptly spoken to others.

Spoken. Out loud. In front of others. In front of big crowds sometimes.

And there have been these dreams. That I am standing in front of people, opening my mouth, and words are pouring out – words of encouragement and hope and love.

And I’m not always reading from a script, or an outline. Sometimes there are no written words to guide me. It’s just me, and people, and no paper or screen between us.

And the though of it can be terrifying or it can be exciting, depending on the day.

Today it is exciting.

My first major speaking gig is months away, but the topic and the talks are growing in me and working themselves into words I can share with the women who will be gathered for the event.

And I am excited for the chance to share the spoken word with them.

After I’ve written the words down first!

One step at a time.

One step out of my cozy, comforting space surrounded by the written word.

Into the unpredictable, face-to-face vulnerable space of the spoken word.

I’m actually really looking forward to it!


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