March Break Insomnia Has Its Perks

full moon

While we were away over March Break, my old friend Middle Insomnia paid me a visit quite a few nights. I’m learning to see the potential in these middle-of-the-night awakenings.

Like I’m learning to listen in those quiet hours of wakefulness. The world is asleep, and sometimes it is much easier to hear what God is trying to say to me, rather than during the busy hours of my days.

Last week I went old-school and grabbed my journal and a pen (instead of a laptop), and sat near the huge bay window of our friend’s cottage, under the glow of the moose lamp, and enjoyed the rare treat of watching deer eat the feed Elijah had strewn ALL OVER the ground outside in hopes of welcoming friendly forest visitors. His efforts really paid off!

And I’d sit and listen, and write, and go back to sleep after a couple of hours. It was magical. It was inspiring. It was encouraging.

I have a focus for this blog for the next little while.

There are a few areas of life I’d love to explore much more deeply, and share what’s been on my heart,  and compile and create and gain your feedback. Most likely a few more books will be written during the coming months of blogging.

I hope to focus on the areas of Simplicity, Household Finance, Faith at Home, and Helping Others. Quite a broad spectrum, isn’t it? But these are my heartbeats, they have been for a while, and I’d love to write much more about them in the coming months.

Follow along with me, won’t you? A different focus every day of the week? Skip over the ones you might not be particularly interested in? And watch as we write a few more books together? Let this blog be my accountability to see it through?

Two hours of focused writing a day should do it.

I’m very excited to share more with you – you are welcome to leave a comment and grant me some feedback anytime!

More to come soon…

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