Simple Life – A Personal Plan for This Year

simple life

I love to make plans, lists, map out details, organize, administrate, put the pieces into place, see how things work together, catch a glimpse of the path ahead. Rarely do these lists and details go according to plan, rarely does everything fall into place exactly how I imagine. That’s the fun part, I suppose, if I choose to look at it that way. If I let go of trying to control. If I stop trying to be God and let God do His thing as only He can. Not easy sometimes, especially when I think my plans are just fantastic.

It’s not the plans that block the path ahead, it’s trying to control the way the path will meander as I walk through this life.

The vision for the journey doesn’t change, it’s the details of how it all works out that might just look a little different by the time we get to the end of the path we’re on.

So… we’ll see what happens this year as I journey toward Simple.

And… I do have a plan.

Of course.

I have a plan for blog posts I’d love to write this year, and I have a plan for my personal journey this year.

I have some deadlines for sorting things out in my personal life, and some goals for the months ahead of me. The plan includes physical, emotional, and spiritual goals.

Here it goes…

When? What? How?
April 6, 2015 Introduction
April 20, 2015 More Water 1 before breakfast, 1 smoothie, 1 mid-morning, 1 at lunch, 1 mid-afternoon, 1 at dinner, 1 herbal tea before bed, eat foods with water in them (eg salad, fruit)
May 4, 2015 More Whole Grains oatmeal at breakfast, rice/quinoa at lunch, piece of bread at dinner
May 18, 2015 More Lean Protein avocado in smoothie, oatmeal at breakfast, beans or hummus at lunch, fist-sized lean beef/chicken/pork at dinner or piece of fish
June 1, 2015 More Fruit & Veg smoothie at breakfast, mushrooms or raw veg at lunch, veg or salad at dinner, afternoon or after-dinner snack is fruit
June 15, 2015 More Exercise 1/2 hour per day – walking, biking
July 6, 2015 More Sleep Unwind for 1 hour with tea before bed, 7-8 hours of sleep
July 27, 2015 More Relaxation Read, weave, sew, garden, build – something every day
September 7, 2015 More Purpose Visions for all areas of life – write it out and keep decluttering
September 21, 2015 More Time Rest every day for 1 hour & small breaks, 1 day/week is Sabbath
October 12, 2015 More Faith Daily devos, kids
October 26, 2015 More Giving % of income? $10/month club?
November 9, 2015 More Serving once/week help out somewhere/someone
November 23, 2015 Conclusions

This is very rough sketch, but it gives me something to strive toward over the next few months, and that is something I seem to need to get me moving on any journey in life.

I’m starting very simple, very basic – drink more water. Water is life-giving stuff. The body that carries me around every day on this journey is made mostly of water. The world we journey on is covered mostly by water. Some is for drinking, and some is not. Some kinds of water I should leave alone, there is no life in them for me, they are not the fresh-water sort.

Water that is mixed with salt or sugar or caffeine have proven to be detrimental to me.  Too much salt just dries me up, too much sugar just fills me up (in the wrong places!), and too much caffeine just keeps me up.

I’m on the look out for natural water flavourings this week, both the cold and hot varieties, and I’ll share my findings with you next time we meet on this journey to a Simple Life.

It’s like when you’re on a plane and the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first before attempting to help anyone else. It’s like how Jesus would sometimes wander off to be alone for a while, to fill up in the Father’s presence before heading back to the disciples and the crowds. Caring for the physical and the spiritual are crucial if we are to have anything to give to others.

I’m starting with the physical life-giving stuff of water. But I’m also making sure to start with the spiritual Water of Life as well. Spending time with God, talking with Him about it all, asking Him for guidance and direction, trusting Him to keep the vision intact and change the plans however He sees fit for the journey.

Can’t wait to keep sharing with you in the coming months!

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