Forward to “Normal”

It won’t be back to normal.

I might not even recognize normal.

Moving forward might look completely different than looking back.

But it’s time.

It’s actually been a long time coming.

The last couple of years were a slow descent into increasing anxiety.

I’ve been learning lots, reading tons, praying, searching, questioning, listening, pondering, being more than doing… which brings me to here.



A totally different scene than a few months ago.

Back then it was sleepless nights, worry upon worry, fear run rampant, confusion, doubt, sadness, pain, and loneliness.

Now it’s… better.

Much better.

Now I can sleep.

Now I can relax.

Now I can hear God’s voice in the noise of my world.

Now I can leave more with Him – He actually LOVES it when I do that!

Now I can laugh.

Now I can find joy.

Now I like to spend time with people.

Now I also appreciate the quiet days at home.

Now I can let my boys go a little easier.

Now I can remember bits and pieces of who I am.

Now I can catch glimpses of who God created me to be.

Instead of who I should be or who others want me to be.

Refreshing – ya.

Renewing – yes.

Encouraging – absolutely.

I’d love to get back to some writing.

It’s still a big part of me.

Always has been.

Always will be.

And as always, it’s good to share the words with you…


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