To-Do Today

To-Do Today Main

I’ve been clearing the plate and simplifying.

I’ve been listening and looking.

I’ve been trying to keep things flexible.

I’ve been NOT writing, letting the words simmer and swirl within.

But in case you haven’t noticed, I do love to plan.

After a while I go a little insane without deadlines and to-do lists.

And sooner or later the words catch up to me, and I burst at the seams with them, and need to share them.


As I move forward this year…

As I take the exit door on anxiety and depression…

As I look ahead to an all-around healthier life…

This question lingers…


What is it that I want to put INTO my days?


I made a visual… laid it all out on the table (literally)… and took a step back.


A good start.

And a list to share with you… I do love lists…

In no particular order… (yet)

  • Time with God
  • Time with Josh
  • Time with the boys not in front of TV
  • Time helping, serving, contributing to others – Volunteering at school, social justice issues, weaving milk bag mats (check out the cool loom Josh made just for this purpose last summer)
  • To-Do Milk BagTime relaxing – Reading, playing piano, baking is often relaxing, watching TV or movies, visiting or chatting with my friends/family.
  • Time working – Some of the writing is work (like computer stuff – ugh, and publishing books and resources – the tasks involved there I mostly enjoy. Writing makes a tiny income every month.). And then there’s making grocery lists/meal plans and cooking at home most of the time (this saves us the equivalent of a part-time job every month). Also there’s property management on rental houses (also makes a nice little income every month), household finances (having a plan, and a budget, and tracking everything also saves us tons by keeping us accountable and giving us goals and dreams to aspire to).
  • Time creating – Alot of the writing falls into the creative category. And some of my household stuff like home decor. I’m also into sewing quilts and weaving large squares of yarn for blankets right now. Josh made me this wooden loom that makes 1 large square (the equivalent of 4 of smaller squares I use to make on a plastic loom) – also in less time. Josh surprised me with the loom one day last year – my man is very creative himself! And I love the efficiency factor!

To-Do Loom

  • Time on household duties – Cooking, cleaning, laundry, delegating chores – not so interesting stuff like that.
  • Healthy eating & drinking – This one is the hugest challenge for me – so many issues wrapped up in this… but I’m…. getting… there.
  • Exercise – Also… getting… there. Keeping it simple, finding activities I enjoy in the place I enjoy most – outside. Skated when I could this year, walked a few times, looking forward to getting my bicycle out and trying some longer routes this year.

That’s it… for now…

A basic plan.

Flexible but precise.

We’ll see how it goes…


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