My Word For This Year & A Few Things in the Works

works ahead

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It’s been slow around here.

It’s been nice to be slow around here.

It’s given me time to think and listen and let things settle.

It’s given me a chance to figure out a tiny bit of what lies ahead and a bit of confidence too.

That there are things in place in me that stay put, and need more of a focus in my life.

That I can let go of many of the driftings of my heart and the flutterings of my soul and set my sights on more solid things.

Although sometimes a little drift and flutter can lead to new solids 🙂

For now, I’ve finally made a plan for the rest of 2016.

A plan to put a few things in the works and fix my attention on a to-do list.

A bigger to-do list than the daily list I’d set for myself a couple of months ago.

I never told you my Word for this year, did I?

Drumroll… Fireworks…


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Stay close to God, stay close to the important people in my life, stay focused on who He made me to be.

Not as easy as it sounds, actually!

But I’ve been trying.

And it’s been good.

Want to hear about my plan for the rest of the year?

It’s a good one.

I’m excited about it 🙂

Pencils and Blue Postit Notes on a Yellow Background

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Tomorrow is June 1st, and that’s a great day to start reading the Old Testament (in plenty of time to get through it before Christmas!) – I’ll post my Bible in a Year bookmarks for any who want to read along.

June – Finish up my Lunchbox LOL series, and a simple website to go along with it. I’ve had this fun idea for years and finally put it down on paper. A set of 7 books, each filled with enough Lunchbox inserts for a whole school year! And each has a different focus – Jokes, Riddles, Word Play, Calculator Word Games, Fun Facts & Trivia, Silly Questions, and Holiday Jokes. It’s been therapeutic to have a fun project to set my mind to for the last couple of months.

July – Launch the Lunchbox LOL series, volunteer at a local summer camp, visit my family with the boys. Also take my time and have some fun sprucing up this blog. I’ve found a new web host that I’m hoping great things from!

August – Volunteer at a local summer camp, 2 weeks of family vacation(!), and settling back into routine as school draws ever-nearer.

September – Put together a couple of fun resources for families for Advent – more on that in the fall!

October – Put together a Bible in a Year resource for 2017 – more on that at a later date!

November – Publish the children’s book I’ll be working on with a lovely young lady from my church!

December – Enjoy Advent 🙂

In the beginning of 2017 I’ll start putting together a resource for families for Lent – more on that in a few months!

And that’s it – a basic plan that will see a lot of my previously written works published in different formats, plus a couple of new works revealed!

It’s good to have a direction to go in, something that can fit into my already-quite-busy life, something I truly enjoy, something that makes me feel alive, and something that is positive (for the most part)!

That’s what writing and publishing and creating and dreaming and imagining all these things that are in the works brings to my life.

And I’m so glad to share it with you.

Much more to come…



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