A New Name!

It was time.

This blog needed a fresh look and a fresh perspective.

I’ve been decluttering just about everything I can get my hands on, so it makes sense this space on the web would get its turn eventually.

A little spring cleaning, clearing out the cobwebs, throwing a few things away, making room for what is to come.

Taking a good look at what was left here, figuring out how it fits into the future, and possibly moving it somewhere else.

You know – it felt so good!

Just like it felt good to rearrange the living room and office/spare room and dining area.

Josh says he hates it when he comes home and the house looks completely different than when he left – but secretly I think he loves it 😉  Keeps him on his toes anyway.

Now I have a sewing desk!

Now I have more space for visitors (hint, hint family and friends)!

Now I have a computer desk in the living room!

And now I can find all my writing notes and ideas and binders… this was very important if I was ever going to write anything EVER AGAIN.

I feel like it’s important now, like I’ve made space for it, like it’s a priority.

Like I can just move ahead with it.

But then when I went to type a blog post it felt… stale.

I have changed this blog around so many times and played with themes and colours and fonts.

Bet I’ve kept you on your toes too 😉

But it was time for a bigger change.

name change.

I had never gone that far before. Never dared to change anything that big.

As I was brainstorming about a new name, I realized the vision for Living in the Moments hasn’t changed, it’s just become much more clear to me how I’ve been attempting to do that for the past decade.

By increasing the levels of simplicity in my life. By trying to see the hidden opportunities in the moments of my days. By living a full life.

Quality instead of quantity.

And some days are still VERY busy, and they don’t feel very simple at all, but there will always be days like that – nothing to be done about that truth except to keep on simply trying to see the moments for what they really are.

I will still be writing about the same topics – life, faith, marriage, and motherhood – and I’ve thrown in a couple more through the years – $$$$$, Helping Others, and Good Eats.

There is so much more to come, and it feels wonderful to see it more clearly now.

As always, it’s good to share the moments with you!

So… what do you think?

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