What Would You Like to Read About?


There are so many blog post ideas running around in my head.

I always feel like there’s so much I want to share with you all!

But instead of typing away frantically, I thought I’d try a different approach…

What do you want to read about?

Which of my previous posts seems to be of most interest to you?

If it’s easier – here’s a little list of possibilities I’m mulling over… would you like to read about any of these?

  • Simple ideas for helping others – many at no cost or minimal cost to you or your household
  • Stories of our family life
  • 1000 Days to Financial Freedom Updates
  • My Journey to Health – Emotionally (as one who deals with anxiety/depression) and Physically (as one who needs to work on eating and exercise habits)
  • Thoughts About Faith in the Family
  • Home Renovations – I have some work to do around here over the next few months! Mostly painting and storage solutions and decluttering and sprucing up 🙂
  • Frugal Ideas for the Home (eg – I made 2 sets of curtains & 1 valance for $3 total!)
  • Frugal & Healthy Recipes & Menu Plans
  • Filling a Christmas Stocking or Easter Basket for $20 or Less

What do you think?


AND SERIOUSLY – some of you have said you’d like me to start doing workshops about saving money, AND YOU’D PAY ME to do it – is this really true?

If so, what sorts of things would you like me to talk about for an hour or two?

And how much would you pay for something like that?


I’m just trying to get an idea of where to focus my future efforts for this blog and elsewhere in the coming months.

So send me any feedback and I’ll look forward to reading it!

I do love to share the journey with you all…



  1. I’d definitely pay for a workshop on living frugally. I’d also like blogs on that too. Fees for workshops in a local community will likely bring in 10-20 people. You need to factor in the cost of handouts if you’re doing that. People will usually pay around $10-20 if they feel you’ll give them enough content and take away, so 10 people isn’t a bad income for an hour if you already have a lot of info to work with.
    I would also like blogs on helping others when you can’t afford to give cash – like your idea about milk bags, stamps and can tabs. And I like the blogs on redecorating on a budget.
    And please keep blogging about your family 🙂


  2. Hi Anna!
    Personally, I am interested in everything having to do with saving money. Paying down debt (what we struggle with the most it seems), staying on budget, eating healthy frugally, etc. It is THE area in our lives that I have never really been able to get control of…despite my intentions!


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