Time For A Break :)

Long Beach

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback about what you’d like to read about on this blog – keep it coming!

I so appreciate your words.

I’m taking the rest of the summer off – or at least a couple of weeks 🙂

What with Josiah breaking his wrist 3 days ago, soccer season winding down, less than half the summer to go before… (SSHHH – school starts again), and many more things to check off the family to-do list – I figure it’s time to take a break from the computer.

I’ll be back – don’t you worry 😉

Can’t help myself.

I’ve had great fun launching the Lunchbox LOL Series (I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about that, but good news – I’ve had the most monthly sales ever on Amazon, and it’s only the 10th of the month! Cool), and spending time thinking about what I’ll write about in the coming months, and working on a couple of other book projects (more on that later 🙂 ).

I hope you enjoy the rest of the warmer weather days, and make some great memories with your family, and take some time for yourself along the way too.

I was looking for a good photo from the archives for this blog post, but instead I found way too many, and thought I’d stroll down memory lane with you a little.

Here’s some of my favourite pics from the last few years – in no particular order…


IMG_1950  ??????????????????????? Josh Mexico Anna Mexico IMG_4168 Anna and boys IMG_3858 bro DSCI0698 DSCI0079 DSCI0002 112 DSCI0022 464 445 DSCI7795 DSCI7768 DSCI7742 DSCI7736 IMG_4901 DSCI7700 DSCI7671 DSCI7591 DSCI7615 DSCI7530 DSCI7510 DSCI7479 DSCI7519 Sprinkler Jump Josiah Forest Walk Elijah Path Football Boys Wrestle Josh Fishing Josiah Hand Fishing Elijah Boots TH - Town Josh Kids Town Luc Anna Mommy Hugs Josiah April 23, 2008 089 DSCI0362 DSCI0266 DSCI0675 DSCI0644 Little Helpers


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