Donations For The Medical Clinic Are Pouring In!

The donations for the clinic are pouring in – THANK YOU!

We have raised almost $2600 of our $7000 goal – with others committed to give another at least $1600 over the next couple of months.

That brings our estimated donations to about $4200!

We are more than half way there and we are thrilled with the response so far 🙂

I am just about to send our first round of donations to Go MAD to proceed with repurposing the available space in the village of Ascension.

In March of 2016 a team ran a temporary clinic in the village and many people were treated for different ailments.

“Everyone that came in was prayed for while in the waiting area,” says Chantz – the Director of Go MAD.

Check out these photos:

Volunteers running a temporary clinic in Ascension in March 2016

People waiting to see the doctor

The clinic space in its current state

Again, thank you, and keep it coming!

We are well on our way to making this medical clinic a reality for the village of Ascension!


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