$20 to Stuff a Christmas Stocking with Fun & Meaningful Gifts


The stores are starting to fill up with Christmas items – have you noticed?

I try to avoid the Christmas rush at all costs. Literally.

Weaving in and out of consumer traffic at the mall is not my cup of tea.

And we keep it pretty simple around here when it comes to gifts.

Josh and I fill each other’s stockings (’cause I love that) and buy each other a gift or two, or we agree on something shared between the two of us.

We (mostly me) fill the boy’s stockings (’cause I love that). I still remember being snuggled in my bed when I was little and waiting to hear my mum hang my FULL stocking on my bedroom doorknob (we never had a fireplace!) for when I woke up in the morning.

And the boys receive 3 gifts as per the gifts of the wise men for Jesus:

  • Gold – something luxurious – a gift they REALLY want
  • Frankincense – something spiritual – usually we give them a dollar amount and ask them to pick something from the World Vision gift catalogue.
  • Myrrh – something practical – usually something to keep them active during the winter (ski passes, skates, toboggans, etc.)

Then we give gifts to whomever still wants to exchange gifts in our extended family, or donate in their honour to the World Vision gift catalogue.

That’s the “wrap” on Sklar family Christmases.

Stocking Stuffers…

Back to filling the stockings (’cause I love that) – every year I despise a little more the waste involved in Christmas gift-giving. No more Dollarama for me. No more junk that gets piled in the corner never to be used. No more items that break within a week. All done with that. I’ve been hunting for stocking stuffers that have some meaning, provide some fun or usefulness to our lives, or can be passed along when we’ve had our turn with them.

One place I consistently turn to is Christianbook.com. This is where I’ve gotten many stocking stuffers the last few years.

And I came up with a great idea for Josh to fill my stocking – this makes it super-easy on him too, so it’s a win-win. For me, I love books (surprise, surprise) and Christianbook.com always has a stash of hugely-discounted books for me to choose from. I can get at least 10 books for $20. And I love this 🙂

This year I decided to share some ideas with you – for people of all ages and stages in your life. This might just revolutionize the buying of your stocking stuffers.

Below are a few lists – Young Children, Elementary Girls, Elementary Boys, Teen Girls, Teen Boys, Women, Men, and a list of Books for Whoever.

Each list contains a Bible, an ornament, a book/CD, a DVD, and other age-appropriate items for fun/meaning.

All the lists total about $20 Canadian, but there will be some shipping charges as well. And you’ll want to order in the next few weeks to ensure you receive your items in plenty of time for Christmas!

I used an online currency converter to guess at the Canadian costs – these will differ slightly when you order.

These lists contain affiliate links – I’ve been a Christianbook.com affiliate for a few years, but this is my first attempt at using the links 🙂

Click on each link, add items to your cart, and complete your order at Christianbook.com.

Here we go…

Young Children – 8 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $19.84

YOUNG CHILDREN TOTAL = $14.82 US = about $19.84 Canadian

Elementary Girls – 8 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $20.05

GIRLS TOTAL = $14.98 US = about $20.05 Canadian

Elementary Boys – 6 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $19.06

BOYS TOTAL = $14.24 US = about $19.06 Canadian

Teen Girls – 5 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $19.96

TEEN GIRLS TOTAL = $14.91 US = about $19.96 Canadian

Teen Boys – 4 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $20.69

TEEN BOYS TOTAL = $15.46 US = about $20.69 Canadian

Women – 4 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $19.57

WOMEN TOTAL = $14.62 US = about $19.57 Canadian

Men – 5 Meaningful/Fun Gifts for $20.01

MEN TOTAL = $14.95 US = $20.01 Canadian

Books for Whoever – 10 Assorted Books for $20.21

BOOKS TOTAL = $15.10 US = about $20.21 Canadian


Whew! That was fun filling all those stocking with you! 🙂

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas?


  1. Great article Anna, just this morning I was on Christianbook.com doing some Christmas shopping. I as well avoid the malls, too stressful this time of year.


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