Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


I had a few more blog posts I wanted to write before the holidays begin, but you know how the busyness of this time of year can sneak up on you… so the posts will have to wait for now 🙂

I did want to make sure to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we close off 2016 and welcome in 2017.

I love to invite people into my home, and my home looks particularly festive right now, so let’s pretend you’ve just pulled into my driveway…

And seen our Christmas disco house 🙂 We have an outdoor disco light positioned right on the front deck, and though the picture doesn’t do it justice, I really enjoy coming home at night to see the fun has already begun 🙂 And we have some lights around the front door, framing our Christmas tree in the front window. I just love it.


The snow has been falling like crazy this week, and the snowblower and shovels have been very busy making clear paths into our home.  If you try and use the front door, you might be disappointed… the tree gets to take over this door for a month of each year 🙂 You’ll have to use the back door for now…


By the end of the night the BBQ and deck will be full of another fresh falling of snow. There will be about 6 inches of sparkly, fluffy whiteness perched on top of the grill by morning… But we clear a path every day to make sure visitors can get into our home safe and sound…


Come on in! I’ve just done some grocery shopping, stocking the fridge and pantry for another few days…


Make sure to stomp the snow off your feet…


An inside perspective of the Christmas tree… it’s full of decorations my mother gifted to me throughout my childhood – the oldest ornament I have is dated 1975… that’s right – almost as old as I am 🙂 I’ve carried on the tradition for our boys, and they each have at least a few ornaments signifying special events or character traits from each year of their lives. And the lace angel perched on top was purchased on our honeymoon at a midnight madness sale in the small town where we were staying. Notice the 3 presents under the tree… they’re all for me 🙂 My guys tell me not to put their gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve – it’s too tempting for them to shake and squeeze and guess what they’re getting… and they like to be oblivious until they get to tear off the wrapping 🙂


The stockings are hung… on the curtain rods with care 🙂 Josh and I made these our first Christmas together. Josh bought the supplies and brought them home to his extremely new wife (we’d only been married about 3 weeks!) who was sick in bed for a few days… The star ornament hanging on the lamp is something Elijah made this year at school.


And the boys’ stocking I weaved for them for their first Christmas. Each has their name sewn on the front. Alongside their stockings is a wall hanging of the manger scene. A beautiful piece of fabric picked up on clearance sale at Fabricland, hemmed and attached to a small piece of dowling.


And this beautiful wooden decoration from a dear friend, highlighting my favourite name for Jesus… MESSIAH. This hangs in our home year-round since I love it so much.


I hope and pray your holiday season is full of love and wonderful memories. But if not, I hope and pray you catch at least a glimpse of how much you are loved by God, and how welcome you always are into the life He has for you. It’s not always easy, it’s not always happy, but there can always be joy, and there can always be love. That’s what Christmas is all about – spreading the love. First with Jesus bringing God’s love to this world in such a real way, and now with us spreading that love around in His name.

Blessings abundant on you and yours these next couple of weeks… and on into 2017 🙂


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