Dreams Can Come True…

My husband had this dream that made its home in his heart for many years. We would talk about it off and on, consider options for its fulfillment, realize we didn’t have the means for it at that point in time, and lay it back down to rest some more.

Then suddenly it seemed right. The time was now. We had saved some money to give – somewhere. And we remembered the dream. And we connected with our friend in Dominican. And we discovered a need that the dream would meet. So we let the dream loose and shared it with others. We watched its fulfillment happen – it was more beautiful than we could imagine!

The dream was a medical clinic. Somewhere families could take their children to give them back their health. It was a way for us to remember Caleb, our middle son who was stillborn in 2003 – he would have been 13 now. We like to mark the milestones of life, and becoming a teenager is a big one. Marking Caleb’s 13th was no different, we needed a marker, and the clinic seemed to fit. The clinic is located in the village of Ascension – the first village Josh and I visited together on my first overseas mission trip. That was a dream that lived in my heart for decades. Dreams have a way of multiplying once you let them loose. Sharing dreams leads to realizing dreams which leads to dreaming more dreams.

Once we shared the clinic dream, the response was immediate. I suspect the dream to give and help and support and encourage lives in most other hearts, just waiting for its chance. I suspect it takes many forms, every day, without the dreamer even realizing it. I think that’s one dream that never really goes away. I’m thankful for those hearts that dream.

Donations poured in, work in Ascension began (after a major flooding delay!), and now we get to see how the clinic will bless other hearts. Maybe lead to more dreams still? I’m excited to hear the stories that will come from dreaming this dream.

Thank you for dreaming along with us… here’s a few pictures of the dream being realized these past few months 🙂


Josh’s original drawing of his dream for a clinic in honour of Caleb


Existing space in a community centre was the location chosen for the clinic

GoMAD reports on January 24th: Super excited to be able to report that construction has begun for the children’s medical clinic in Ascension. We look forward to the grand opening in the coming weeks. We want to say a special thank you to Anna Collier Sklar for heading up the fundraising effort to make this project possible. This clinic will make a difference in the lives of thousands of children.




GoMAD reports on January 31st: Making progress on the clinic build out for Ascension. Next will be the installation of doors, some electrical work and finally painting. Then it will be time to furnish it and open it up to see patients.




GoMAD reports on February 22nd: The clinic in Ascension is up and running! Still have work to do on furnishing it properly, but patients are being seen and that is the main thing. The people in the village are very excited and thankful to have Dr. Katz and Nurse Ana caring for their children.




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