12 Months of Giving – Free or $10 Ideas – International Wheelchair Day

For a bit of background on 12 Months of Giving read this post 🙂

But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind – Luke 14:13

March 1st is International Wheelchair Day

This is an annual day of events and activities which take place around the World when wheelchair users celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has on their lives. 

For more information visit the International Wheelchair Day website.

Free Giving Idea:

Collect can tabs to purchase a wheelchair.  There are at least a few people out there who funnel collected tabs from “pop, juice, cat food, olives or any other can of your choice” – Robert Hampson of Toronto, Canada who runs Pop Tabs for Wheelchairs.

I have given this local man a few bags of tabs from my family, and he is always so grateful. Now the children’s ministry at our church is pitching in and I love to see the kid’s faces as they fill up our tab collection containers!

Do an online search for people in your area who are collecting tabs for wheelchairs.

$10 Giving Ideas:

Image result for sole hope images

Sole Hope is a wonderful organization that helps those in Uganda, Africa with an epidemic called jiggers. This illness can take away the ability to walk, which can be devastating for families and communities.

I have hosted Sole Hope parties where participants cut out denim patterns from old jeans to send to Sole Hope seamstresses in Uganda. They will then be made into shoes.

Sole Hope also has an Amazon Wish List where many items are $10 or less and will be shipped to the organization once purchased.

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