Happy 14th Caleb

Yesterday was our annual balloon launch.

We sent you balloons from one of your brother’s cliff-jumping spots just outside of town.

I thought you were getting too old for our usual playground launches.

Maybe you would have been cliff-jumping by now too.

Maybe not 🙂

There’s so much I don’t know about you. So much I’ll never know. You live somewhere I Can Only Imagine and I only catch the faintest glimpses of it where I live.

But every time I catch a glimpse I think of you. I look forward to you. Seeing you, knowing you, being with you. As only my human mind can grasp.

It’s also a mother’s mind, and sometimes I can hardly wait for… you.

Your two brothers give me so many wonderful things to fill my days just now.

And of course there’s your daddy 😉

Yet there is always this sense of waiting when I think of you.

And I wonder… about you waiting to meet us…

I think maybe you’ve never waited. You are with God and God exists out of time. So you’ve never waited. Another thing I cannot grasp. But it’s a good thought… that you’ve never felt our absence. That all you’ve felt is the all-consuming love of God surrounding you. Always.

Warms my mother’s heart. Makes it easier in the waiting… in the missing…

This was your 13th year of being part of our lives, of us trying to let you loose where we live to see how God might want to use your tiny life here.

It was a doozy Caleb – we sent out the invitation for people to give and build a clinic in your honour – in the village of Ascension in Dominican Republic. We asked for $7000 and it came in so fast, Caleb, and the clinic has been up and running for months now. Your daddy visited it just a couple of weeks ago, he put your name over the doorway.

Caleb’s Hope

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and text

It was a dream that lived in his heart, inspired by you, to help other families get the medical care that can be so hard to come by in other parts of the world.

The organization that built it wrote about it here.

Dreams can come true…

Thank you.

So happy birthday baby boy, much more grown up in our hearts this year, I hope you liked your balloons 🙂

I love you, always,



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